Cities, Schools & Community Partners: Working Together for Healthy Summers Webinar

The “Cities, Schools, and Community Partners” DSC_0426webinar  highlights the different ways in which elected officials, city agencies, school districts, and community-based organizations can work together to ensure that kids have access to healthy food and opportunities to stay active and engaged when school’s out. Watch the recorded webinar here.

Target audience: 

Elected city leaders, child nutrition directors, park and recreation/human services leaders, city managers, other community partners.


Mark Salinas, Council Member, City of Hayward (Powerpoint presentation)
Darlene Martin, Assistant Director, Nutrition Services, Long Beach Unified School District (Powerpoint presentation)
Tamalyn Sayre, Summer Food Coordinator, City of Long Beach Parks, Recreation & Marine (Powerpoint presentation)
Carmela Chase, Summer Food Program Coordinator, City of Oakland Department of Human Services (Powerpoint presentation)
Patrice Chamberlain, Director, California Summer Meal Coalition (Powerpoint presentation)